Career in the Microbio Sciences

Wayne wlogsdon at
Fri Feb 18 00:27:33 EST 2000

Matt Teeter wrote in message ...
>It seems that the consensus is that there are very few job opportunities
>right now for people with Ph.D.s in Microbiology or a similar science.
>However, if I were to get a Ph.D., it would be in a little over ten years
>from now. What do you think of job opportunities then? Obviously it is not
>an exact science -- nobody can predict the future. There is talk about how
>scientist are getting older and retiring, but there won't be enough people
>to fill the jobs that they leave as most students are getting into computer
>science and related fields. Any comments?
        If there is a shortage I'm sure industry and government will do what
they always do.  Rather than let the free market solve the problem in your
country, i.e the shortage will cause wages to rise, which will bring in more
people to the occupation, they will instead allow more foreigners in to fill
the vacancies at lower wages.  Corporations 1, citizens 0.


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