Long Term Use of Antibiotics

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> I'm worried about my daughter Kate. She's been on antibiotics now for
> over 6 months and her acne isn't inproving. Her doctor is adamant that
> it will work in time.

Hmm what antibiotics has she been subscribed?

I was given a topical cream when I was 15, can't remember what it was 
called, but basically my face peeled (yuk!) for a couple of days, then 
(in conjunction with tetracycline) the acne cleared up.  I don't believe 
that systemic antibiotics alone are horribly effective at making acne go 
away - they may be useful once the acne has been knocked back, to 
prevent recurrence.

Your doctor's right - in time, it will clear up . . . when she's 21 . . .



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