Career in the Microbio Sciences

Chris Larosa clarosa at
Fri Feb 18 22:25:07 EST 2000

> ..
> Many of the posts point out that the future is hard to predict, and that
> trends in all careers are moving toward the need for continuous retraining.
> The tmost important part of training in a good PhD program is more about
> learning flexible thinking than it is in mastering a particular biological
> problem.

.Jim Hu suggest that flexible thinking and the ability to keep retraining will
help a PhD survive, but I doubt it.   There is this very real phenomenon of age
discrimination which occurs in many fields particularly computer programming and
biological science.   A guy may be perfectly able and willing to retrain to get on
board the latest science fad.  However, in the real world corporations and
universities do not foster retraining or hire guys who retrain themselves.
They just fire or let contracts expire older professionals and hire that latest
crop of cheaper, (no pension liability) HB-1s, new grads what have you.   Over 35
need not apply.    Furthermore when that cohort of old professors retire what will
happen is that departments will close about half the positions, or change them to
the next fad...i.e . functional genomics, bioinformatics .


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