Long Term Use of Antibiotics

James Ross Cooke ucbejrc at socrates-a.ucl.ac.uk
Fri Feb 18 12:38:44 EST 2000

I used to have very bad acne. I was put on many different types and very high
doses of treatment to try and get rid of them but nothing seemed to work.
(Obviously no control experiments to prove that they didnt help a little).
 I then went on
'Roaccutane' (?spelling) and my spots went in under 3 months...never to
return. This drug must be prescribed (UK anyhow) by a dermatologist in a
hospital. It was linked to depression but I dont think this was proven and I
am still a happy chap.

Of more concern long term is the increasing degree of resistance to
antibiotics. Will we have to resort to the 1800s of medicine (amputation) 
in the future? Or should I do a phD/EngD in the hope of finding a new type...

Jimmy (21)

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On Fri, 18 Feb 2000, Richard P. Grant wrote:

> In article <88jdjc$r7e$1 at nnrp1.deja.com>, m_e_price at my-deja.com wrote:
> > I'm worried about my daughter Kate. She's been on antibiotics now for
> > over 6 months and her acne isn't inproving. Her doctor is adamant that
> > it will work in time.
> Hmm what antibiotics has she been subscribed?
> I was given a topical cream when I was 15, can't remember what it was 
> called, but basically my face peeled (yuk!) for a couple of days, then 
> (in conjunction with tetracycline) the acne cleared up.  I don't believe 
> that systemic antibiotics alone are horribly effective at making acne go 
> away - they may be useful once the acne has been knocked back, to 
> prevent recurrence.
> Your doctor's right - in time, it will clear up . . . when she's 21 . . .
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