Pre-AIDS Chimp Discoveries

Steve Head headws at
Mon Feb 21 08:29:41 EST 2000

Thomas Keske wrote:

> SIV is a primate retrovirus that is considered to be the ancestor of HIV.
> SIV exists in a wide variety of primate species.  A large number of
> other primate viruses had been identified prior to 1980.
> Knowledge of the structure of retroviruses was already relatively
> detailed, before 1980.  It might therefore seem somewhat puzzling
> why there would have been a failure to identify SIV, long before
> the AIDS epidemic.
> I am attempting to investigate in more detail, exactly how many
> primate viruses had been discovered, in what timeframes,
> before 1980.   In particular, I was also interested in the record
> of experimentation with Pan troglodytes, the type of chimp from
> which it has been suggested that HIV-1 is derived.
> Appended below is a sampling of PUBMED entries found specifically
> for the keywords "Pan troglodyte".   Some of the abstracts merely
> mention "chimps", but presumably they mean "Pan troglodyte",
> since these were the only searching keywords.

Since this assumption is 100% wrong........everything you based on it is
suspect.  If you want to know what is in the papers you cite you should read
them.........and then talk about them.

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