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>******Could you Please Email me directly as I do not always have access to
>I have found
>both mono and poly clonal antibodies for benzodiazepine that can be used
>with BSA as a color indicator. 

The manufacturer of the antibodies should be able to tell you if they
react with the parent molecule or a metabolite.

 Seeing that the drug is not a protein I am
>wondering if the antibodies will stick to the drug it self or would
>actually stick to its metabolites after it is screted out the human body.

Antibodies will react with small non-protein molecules.
What type of antibody depends in part on where you are looking for the benzo
in the body, and if you can expect it to appear in that material in 
unmetabolized form or as metabolites.
See above comment.

>The solution will not enter the human body prior to testing. I want to
>know if this type of immunoassay would work for me.

Possibly!   BUT, do you have legal access to the benzos?

A project such as yours is interesting (to you) and there may/may not already
be a test strip patented. But still an interesting project IF you can 
legally have the benzos to play with.

I'm not sure about this aspect of your project, and don't want you to 
accidentally get in trouble for possession of a controlled substance.

 Or if any one has a
>better idea of detecting this drug in solution I would greatly appreciate
>any feedback.
>Thank you in advance

Try going to ""
and see what you get by doing some searches with various terms and term

Also, a trip to a local college library and a little help from a college
librarian might get you going in a solid direction.

P.S.  In general I don't like the concept of science fairs.  I quite
judging them years ago after seeing too many projects done by parents.  
>Sean A Tabacsko
>hockeyst at

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