motility vs. mobility

Sindy Chan sindy at
Sun Jan 16 08:38:39 EST 2000

Hey Fred,

>It's different between "motility" and "mobility"!! HaHa, there is your
>Anyway, Motility is from "motile", capable of spontaneous movement, it's an
active process, need energy e.g. ATP, for example: cytoskeleton in cells and
>Mobility : able to move or be moved easily, it is a passive action, it
moves by means of e.g. water or air !!
>OK, take care
Sindy Leimann-Chan

Fred Pruyn wrote in message <84obls$82r$1 at>...
>Who knows why the capability of moving of bacteria is called motility and
>not as usual mobility? Is there something special to their movement?
>I hope there some real linguistics present in these ng's.
>Besides that A fruitful New Year!
>Fred Pruyn, The Netherlands

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