Increasing probe sensitivity

Paul Taylor p.taylor7 at
Sat Jul 1 22:46:50 EST 2000

Hi All, 

I am trying to detect down to 10e4 copies of a gene. At the moment I can
only get down to 10e6 copies. The extra level of sensitivity is necessary. I
am using a random priming probe synthesis and commercial hyb buffers to make
things happen more quickly. The probe is about 400bp long and has a G+C
content of 60%. All membranes are prepared by slot blotting. Can anyone
offer any neat tricks for increasing sensitivity of hybridisations? Today I
am trying increased probe template concentration in the labelling reaction
to try and rule out probe exhaustion - that is, I want to be sure that all
the probe is not being snaffled by the higher target concentrations.....



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