Quest Biomedical launches test for Mycobacterium tuberculosis (TB)

Liz Middleton liz.middleton at
Fri Jul 7 09:32:39 EST 2000

Quest Biomedical has launched a rapid immunodiagnostic test for 
Mycobacterium tuberculosis (TB) which detects active infection within 15
minutes. The innovative AMRAD ICT test is simple to perform at the point of
care providing accurate, reliable and economical results from just 50ml of
whole blood or other body fluids (pleural, peritoneal, lymph or CSF).

The current global pandemic of tuberculosis is killing more people than any
other disease, yet diagnosis has remained an often complex and lengthy
procedure. Traditional methods such as smears, cultures, X-rays and clinical
examination can be subjective and PCR methods have proved expensive and
technically demanding. With a specificity of 97%, the new ICT test offers
significant benefits in terms of speed, accuracy and cost allowing prompt
treatment and an improved prognosis.

Extremely simple to perform, AMRAD ICT needs no equipment or special
training and can be carried out in any clinic or Œfield¹ situation. A finger
prick blood sample is all that is required and the three-step test takes
moments to perform providing results in 15 minutes or less.

Utilising multiple antigens to M.tuberculosis the test will detect IgG
antibodies in blood, serum, plasma or extrapulmonary fluid.  Any
M.tuberculosis  IgG in the sample binds with the antigens immobilised onto
the test card to form a complex which is visualised by exposure to
anti-human IgG/colloidal gold. Results are clear and easy to read with
positive and negative controls included on every card.

Each test comprises a test card and a single reagent supplied in a
convenient dropper bottle. Supplied in packs of five or 25 tests, AMRAD ICT
is available exclusively in the UK from diagnostic specialists Quest

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Editor: For more information, please contact: Anita Frear, Quest Biomedical,
Suite B, Greville Court, 1665 High Street, Knowle, West Midlands. Tel: 01564
775750.  Fax: 01564 775759.  e-mail: questbiomedical at

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