What Microbe Fits This Picture??

Sally Barter 100532.142 at CompuServe.COM
Mon Jul 10 13:03:14 EST 2000

Jay Mone' wrote:
>>A 2.7um filter will not hold back bacteria or viruses.  
When you say transmission is possible only under strict anaerobic
conditions, do you mean growth?  If so, this rules out viruses, 
since they
don't grow outside of living cells.
You must be working with an obligate anearobic bacteria.<<

Thankyou for your reply and apologies if my post has been a little 
ambiguous!  By transmission, I mean transmission of the disease  to 
experimental animals via the filtrate. Strict anaerobic conditions 
refers to storage.  Nothing in the filtrate has been successfully 

I'm wondering, even though an anaerobic bacterium might seem to be a
likely candidate, what else might fit through a 2.7um filter - small
protozoa, fungal spores, prions? - and which of these can be 
possibly ruled  out if they are not known to require anaerobic 
conditions to remain viable.

Any suggestions to this *non* microbiologist gratefully received!
(London, UK)

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