How Scientists Cheat

John Hewitt john.hewitt1 at
Tue Jul 11 14:10:45 EST 2000

This posting is to introduce readers to my web site  "A Habit of Lies - How Scientists

The scientists in question include include some very senior figures.  The
subject area is cell biology, particularly motility of eukaryotic cells.
This is a large field with implications for many areas of cell biology but
readers will realise that my work is not a proestablishment document.  It
generally supports a wave type mechanism for motility in amoeboid cells.
That seems unpopular but is well-known in many protozoa.  By contrast,
tank-tread mechanisms are unknown to the best of my knowledge.  If anyone
knows a cell type that clearly displays the latter mechanism of motility, I
would be very glad of an E-mail containing a reference.

Should readers know other newsgroups or media, which might have a suitable
audience, do please tell me about it.

I would also welcome comments about the site itself, especially from anyone
who could, with authority, challenge my assertions, but I will not be
routinely browsing this discussion group.  If you post a response, please
copy your comments to me by E-mail, mentioning the group.  That way, you
will be sure I will read it and can reply to you.


Sincerely Yours

John Hewitt

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