KS Preceding Immune Suppression

Dr. James Mon é jmone at marauder.millersv.edu
Wed Jul 12 08:13:54 EST 2000

Tom writes:

Why would a new herpesvirus have appeared at the same time 
as HIV, nearly simultaneously? The answer given by some 
researchers was the the KS virus was *not* new. It is 
postulated to have been already widely spread, but simply 
manifested itself more often as KS in immune-suppressed 

That is the type of "brush-off" explanation that the gay 
community has accepted too uncritically and too complacently. 
There are reasons to doubt that story. 

Why is this a brush off?  It's very likely that this KS-associated HHV has
been around for years.  All heprpes viruses share the propensity to cause
life-long, often asymptomatic infections (Examples include CMV and EBV). 
Often these  viruses cause disease when changes in immune function occur. 
These changes may be undetectable, or detectable only if specifically looked

A second consideration is that unrelated viruses can aid in each others
replication and spread.  Consider, for example, CMV.  CMV encodes a protein
called US 28 which is expressed at the cell surface and acts as a receptor
for HIV-1 entry.  I'm not familiar with the most recent literature on HHV-6
and KS, but these and other findings are suggestive of what might be
occurring with KS and HHV.

Tom writes:
Of course, there are other problems with the herpesvirus 
theory. There is also the problem of KS appearing in 
HIV negative men

Six out of 349?  Less than 2%?  Must we have absolute 0% in order to
establish associations (or not)?

But what exactly are you suggesting by questioning this relationship?  Was
HHV-8 planted in the gay community?  That HHV-8 is not in any way associated
with KS?  That immune disfunction is not a risk factor for KS in HHV-8
infected individuals?  What exactly is you point Tom?

Jay M
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