Microbiological Plating Question

NETomoney netomoney at aol.com
Mon Jul 17 19:52:02 EST 2000

A reply would be greatly appreciated.

In a standard 1:10 dilution, two duplicate plate counts of 1mL are prepared. 
The plate count results are zero, therefore the result is reported as less then

If a 1:300 dilution is performed, six 5 mL replicate plates are prepared, and
no counts are observed.  Which is correct to report?  Less then 60 or less then

If replicate counts are performed, does that increase the sensitivity of the
test?  For a normal 1:10 dilution with 2 replicate 1 ml counts performed, would
it correct to report results as less then 5, since 2 mL was actually plated, or
are the number of replicates disregarded?

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