Aspergillus niger contamination

lamb L.A.M.Buisman at
Tue Jul 18 14:47:03 EST 2000

Searching the internet on disinfectants and laboratory and fungi will show you enough about the effects of phenolic disinfectants. Lyorthol to me is just
about the best there is.
But ..... Pretty useless, as in the Netherlands lyorthol is not allowed anymore to be used as a disinfecting agent. Since more than a year now. I think the
idea is to ban it for disinfecting surfaces (like hospital floors, stables etc) and medical equipment.
In our lab we are (illegally?) using the last of the supplies and trying to find alternatives.
Chlorine (diluted household bleach, 1:10, I think) is good against just about anything. Probably against fungi too. If you really want to know, phone the
nearest microbiology lab, or else the hygienist of a hospital. They should be able to give you some references.
If you would like to know more about this banning of lyorthol, the hospital-hygienist of the OLVG in Amsterdam knows a lot about it. Good chance she also
knows about the alternatives.


Feras wrote:

> I've been informed that 2% Lyorthol application is enough
> to prevent A.niger contamination in the lab. Is there a
> reference for this, does anyone have any alternative
> suggestions.
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