Available a Reichart EPI Fluorescence microscope.....

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Sun Jul 23 13:52:26 EST 2000

     From a hematology lab a Reichart MicroStar IV EPI
Fluorescence microscope.

     This instrument has a binocular head with 10X wide field
eyepieces, model 181

     A five place nose piece with three infinity corrected
Neoplan objectives, 10X / 0.25, 40X / 0.66 and 100X /1.25 oil.

     Also the lining up objective for the HBO lamp.

     The EPI fluorescence illumination system is HBO 100 watt
lamp with a Model 2091 Mercury/Xeon power supply.

     It has one excitation and barrier filter assembly (with a
position for a second one), number 1713.

     For standard transmitted light it has an Abbe Aspherical
1.25 condenser with diaphragm  on a rack and pinion. The
illumination system built in to the base is a 6 volt 20 watt
halogen lamp with blue and neutral density filter.

     The mechanical stage has right hand low position coaxial
controls (X and Y axis), with graduated vernier.

     JPG photos available, the instrument is in excellent

     If you are interested make a Reasonable Offer for the

 Thank You

 Best Regards

 Joseph Passero

 mailto:jp at spacelab.net


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