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>I would like any information about Corynebacterium Jekeium and its

Are you asking as a scientist or a patient? As a patient you may not understand
everything I'm writting here.

C. jk is a recent addition to the list of pathogens. It was long thought to be
a normal skin bacteria but proved to be important in certain superficial wound
infections. It is a very small Gram positive cocco-bacillus that may appear
Strep like (GPC in pairs). It grows to be a small white colony on blood agar
and is catalase postive - which rules out Strep. It is very resistant to most
Gram pos. antibiotics and we use the Kirby-Bauer sensitivity to screen for JK.
Usually we see only sensitivity to Vanco with maybe 1 or 2 other sensitive
In this case the KB sensitivities can only be used as an aid in identification.
I'm not sure what the current treatment is for this organism and I think most
infections are concidered minor. Septicemia with this organism is known and is
a much more serious infection. I've seen a couple of these when we've isolated
JK from a wound and from the blood.
I would think that serious infections would require an MIC for proper
antibiotic sensitivites. I'm not sure what antibiotics should be tested. Can
any ID people answer this?

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