Science fiction: How quickly is a DNA change reversible?

Jennifer Lynn Giel jlgiel at
Sat Jul 29 18:02:59 EST 2000

Maybe instead of the DNA being changed, you could have the *expression* of
the DNA changed by the drug.  Of course, this may mean nothing at all to
you, but just a thought...


lamb <L.A.M.Buisman at> wrote:
: Why should it be realistic? The first step is not realistic either.
: Fiction is fiction. Happy endings are nice though ......

: Loes

: Thomas Ebinger wrote:

:> Dear all,
:> I am an editor for young adult fiction books. At the moment I am
:> working on a science fiction series. As I am not very good at biology,
:> I would like to ask you, whether the following scenario is realistic
:> or not: A society lives in an isolated environment. The people there
:> are governed by an evil group of people, that blows a certain drug
:> into the air. By inhaling this drug the DNA of the inhabitants is
:> being changed and transforms them into obedient citizens. Is it
:> realistic that, if you withdraw this drug, the changes in the DNA
:> recede and the citizens become thinking individuals again? And if this
:> is the case, how quickly could this take place?
:> Thank you very much for your help and excuse my ignorance.
:> Best wishes
:> Katharina Ebinger

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