Different counts in MacConkey Agar

Lynn kees.lyn at xtra.co.nz
Fri Jun 2 23:10:44 EST 2000

Too bad the new kids don't make media and clean glassware
> anymore.
Im glad i dont have to make up my own media and missed out on that
-delightfull- experience but Im afraid i still have to wash the
glassware, though occassionally we can persuade a broke student looking
for work experience to help us out in the holidays.
Our lab is so small I get to do every thing ..never a dull moment.

> Anyway, I used to test potable water from drilled wells. We used the Standard
> Methods manual for any procedures. We started with the MPN and I really hated
> that. We then went to the filter method, drawing 100cc through a gridded filter
> (.2 or .4 micron - I can't remember). Then we placed the filter onto fresh
> Levine EMB and counted "green sheen" colonies as coliforms.
> John Gentile M(ASCP)                   President - Rhode Island Apple Group
> yjgent at aol.com
> Microbiologists do it with culture.

It looks like I will have to do MF on 100ml samples with low coli
The TPC are going to be a lot more variable and possibly higher counts
that will not? require a 100ml sample. Is it normally ok to plate a 1,
2, or 5ml sample rather than diluting the originaal sample and then
filtering 100ml.
 I havent done MF before.
Thanks to all of you for your contributions must fly Im late for work

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