Penicillin: A Paradigm for Biotechnology

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>            Penicillin: A Paradigm for Biotechnology
>                Richard I. Mateles, Editor
>Reprints The History of Penicillin Production, the classic publication of
>the American Institute of Chemical Engineers, originally published in 1970
>and long out-of-print.  It is updated by the inclusion of two new chapters
>dealing with scientific advances in penicillin biochemistry, microbiology,
>and genetics made since 1970; and the current commercial and industrial
>status of penicillin and its derivatives.
>This book tells the remarkable story of penicillin's progress from a
>laboratory curiosity to being the first antibiotic available for regular
>use, and still a very important product today.  The contributors to this
>book are the scientists and engineers who played the major role in that
>enterprise, which has served as a model for fermentation development for the
>last fifty years.
>Among the penicillin program's "firsts,"  which continue to be important in
>biotechnology today, were:
>mutation and selection for microbial strain improvement
>scale-up of fermentors for aerobic processes
>countercurrent liquid-liquid extraction
>industrial-scale lyophilization of sterile pharmaceuticals
>Published: December, 1998
>xi + 114 pp.  ISBN 1-891545-01-9
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I knew one of the Chemical engineers that was drafted to the U.S to
develop the production technique for the the basic Fleming invention as
part of the war effort. At the time it was difficult to do this in the

John Lewis

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