dna finger printing of medicinally important plants

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	"Bioinformatics" is such an impersonal name to call you by, though
relevant.  Am I speaking to Rudradaman?  

	This is the US National Center for Biotechnology Information

	This is the USDA plant database

	These are both rich sources of information.  And have links to other
places.  So can I ask for some back?  Which medicinal plants are you
interested in?  By looking at micro satellite DNA you are looking at a
"fast clock" part of the DNA, as opposed to rDNA which would be a
relatively slow clock.  So I'm guessing that you are looking for close
relatives of economically significant plants via DNA.  Am I close?  
	It would be so much easier for me if you gave more details.  
	You could also try your question in <bionet.plants>.  
	Via email it you wish. 

> I am doing research on dna finger printing of medicinally important plants
> based on micro satellite DNA probe/primer on flowering plants(angiosperms).
> can anybody doing work on the same research of any help to me.
> If any body provide me the literature or guide me some website addresses, i
> would be very thankful to him.
> Rudradaman


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