Stacci bottra (sp?)

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Mon Mar 13 08:35:34 EST 2000

Debbie Roberts <DJRoberts at UH.EDU> wrote:
>An ex-student has called me with questions about a report on the news
>about an organism that grows on wet wood or sheet rock and causes
>respiratory effects and ultimately brain damage.  I haven't kept up with
>the news so I am not sure what she is talking about.  If any of you have
>any information I would be pleased to here anything.
>She would also to find out about a reputable lab that can come and test
>her recently flooded house for the organism (or any like it). She has
>small children and is worried.
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   Try a websearch under "Stachybotrys" or "Stachybotrus" (I'm a little unsure
of the spelling myself. Also try the CDC website.

-Xylous reccurentis

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