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Two-year NIDCR-funded position available immediately for a molecular
microbial ecologist with a strong background in culture of anaerobic
and capnophilic oral bacteria, and familiarity with confocal
microscopic techniques as applied to biofilms to manage the Leica TCS-
NT three-channel laser confocal microscope, walk-in 34-degree room,
heated anaerobic glovebox. The objective is to collaborate with the
world-renowned lipid technology group in defining differences in lipid
composition between planktonic and biofilm-grown oral bacteria, in
monoculture and as communities.  Genetic manipulation skills for
detecting specific gene activities would be useful. Opportunities also
exist to help manage a program in applied microbial ecology that is
currently supported by work on bioremediation of metals and organics.
Areas include bioremediation, biosequestration of carbon,
bioavailability or organics and pollutants, and in the microbial
underpinnings of biocomplexity. Communities are defined by their lipid
signatures with PCR of rDNA with DGGE separation and sequence
analysis.  We are particularly interested in leadership in molecular
analyses.  The lipid biomarker program is currently being expanded with
HPLC/ESI/MS/MS.  This position would be an excellent platform for
personal growth in unique interdisciplinary technology with an
extraordinary opportunity for productivity.  Opportunities for
collaboration with nearby Oak Ridge National Laboratory exist.

Dr. David C. White
Center for Environmental Biotechnology
University of Tennessee - Knoxville
10515 Research Drive, Suite 300
Knoxville TN 37932
Phone: 011-865-974-8001
e-mail: milipids at aol.com


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