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>I'm doing a project for school in which I will grow bacteria and then
>see what grew, why that particular kind(s) grew, etc. The problem is, I
>don't know the first thing about growing bacteria. What do I grow it in?

Best bet is some flavor of growth media like LB.

>How long does it take to start growing? 

Depends upon the strain of bacteria.
>Do I need some already existing bacteria to start it off, or does it just appear in or on whatever I
>grow it in?

That depends on where you grow it.  If you put a plate of LB in your
bed room, bathroom, dining room, outside, etc bacteria will begin to
grow on it as they are everywhere.  If you are doing this in a 'clean'
lab setting you will need to innoculate the media with bacteria.

>How do I count to determine relative numbers of the bacteria? 

First you will need to identify the different species of bacteria you
have.  There SOPs for this and commercial kits you can buy as well.
Once you have that, count up the number of colonies each type of
bacteria has.

>How do I figure out the kinds that grew? 

See above.

>Are they any books or websites that can help me out?

O.K., a wuick search on 'ANY' search engine will bring up plenty of
sites.  Checking in at you school's library will reveal plenty of
microbiology texts/journals.  Have you tried your class text book?!?!?

Just out of curiosity what level class is this that give syou such
pitiful instruction?  Anyone worried that you might infect yourself
with something that you would be better off without?


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