growth on continuous culture vessel walls

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Thu Mar 16 05:49:07 EST 2000


I'm currently growing Chl. tepidum (an anaerobic green sulfur bacterium) in
continuous culture at a dilution rates of 0.15 h-1 and using the Wahlund's
medium (Wahlund et al., 1991; Arch. Microbiol. 156:81-90). The main problem
is that it heavily attachs on the vessel walls, which makes impossible
further calculations on light intensity available, cell yields, etc. I know
that the problem is not new but I don't know for the moment how to avoid it.
If anybody knows how to solve it (maybe it is enough with a slight
modification of the growth medium?), please, don't hesitate to contact me.

Carles M. Borrego
Lab. Microbiology, Institute of Aquatic Ecology
University of Girona
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