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<< Hello:
I was wondering if anyone can help me find more information on the group
Actinomycetes. I realize you can identify these bacteria using TSA (tryptic
soy agar). TSA however grows many types of bacteria. How can I identify
Actinomyces on TSA?  Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.


Actinomyces is a facultative to obligate anaerobic branching Gram positive rod.
It usually takes 3-5 days to grow and shows small "molar tooth" colonies (they
look like a molar tooth under a disecting microscope). We use blood agar for
isolation and never use plain TSA.

For speciation of Actinomyces we use either a RapID identification kit (Inova
Biochemical)for the strict anaerobes or the API Coryne kit (bioMerioux) for
facultative anaerobes grown in CO2.
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