I need help

lamb L.A.M.Buisman at cable.A2000.nl
Fri Mar 17 17:15:13 EST 2000

Vicki Steven wrote:

> As a teacher of Microbiology I find this sort of question frightening -
> the idea of some ignorant kid mucking around with bacteria in their
> bedroom appalls me.  What sort of biosafety regulations do schools have?
> We are not allowed to take media out of the building because of biosafety
> concerns.  We used to give plates to schools but cannot do so now unless
> they have their own biosafety regulations in place.
> How will she/he dispose of the bacterial cultures - if s/he is incapable
> of reading the first page of a Microbiology textbook?
> Vicki

My impression is that this project is going to be supervised by a teacher.
He/she just wants to know something about it beforehand. Looking forward to it,
it seems.


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