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David Lawton dhlawton at clara.co.uk
Fri Mar 17 18:07:38 EST 2000

> As a teacher of Microbiology I find this sort of question frightening -
> the idea of some ignorant kid mucking around with bacteria in their
> bedroom appalls me.  What sort of biosafety regulations do schools have?
> We are not allowed to take media out of the building because of biosafety
> concerns.  We used to give plates to schools but cannot do so now unless
> they have their own biosafety regulations in place.
> How will she/he dispose of the bacterial cultures - if s/he is incapable
> of reading the first page of a Microbiology textbook?
> Vick

I agree, to let a 15 yr old loose with cultures wouldn't be the safest thing
I could think of
especially as there only seems to be limited supervision.
When I did microbiology in school, we went to a lab to see the methods.
The only practical we did was to perform gram stains on prepared slides.
Would anybody here allow someone to walk into their labs and start doing
some bacti?

David Lawton

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