I need help

David Lloyd-Jones icomm5 at netcom.ca
Sun Mar 19 08:33:53 EST 2000

"Bryan" <dbd2 at psu.edu> wrote
> I think a warning about the problems one can encounter when growing
> from an environment, pathogenicity and sheer numbers on the plate is
> but to call the student an "ignorant kid"  and potentially frighten them
> what could be an interesting project, much less from approaching this
> "knowledgeable" NG source for advice is a big mistake.


It seems to me suicidal for a culture to hire its teachers from the bottom
half of the graduating class, and this discussion so far is an indicator of
this cultural suicide in action. There should not be a need for teachers'
unions because a teacher should be making twice the salary of a prison guard
on the first day on the job. We should have elementary school teachers to
whom a city councillor would naturally turn for advice on matters of public
governance. Instead we have these pitiful creeps who think they're doing
their jobs by telling kids what they mustn't do. Yeccch!


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