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> It's actually a 9th grade honors class. I'm 15, that's about everyone's 
> age. My
> e-mail should be working since I sent an e-mail to myself and got it 
> back.
> Thanks for the info, I'll try to get to a university, although there 
> aren't any
> real close.

I'd just like to wish you luck, Riffi.  

I think that some people got their noses out of joint - I am sure that 
the first few people to reply to this thread did not mean to discourage 
you, but like it or not we are living in an age where one cannot move 
without having to get something signed by a research prevention^Wsafety 

The points about disposal &c. are valid, though, and you should 
carefully think through your containment and decontamination protocols, 
and get them checked by someone who knows what they're talking about.

Still, I hope you have fun and that you get *something* to grow :)  


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