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Brenda, tina, mary and the rest ..... attached is the info I requested
about workin from home 

Dear Anna, 

Did you know that Fortune 500 companies like AT&T, JCPenney and Best Western hire home based workers? There are 1000s of legitimate home jobs for entry level professionals throughout the US: TYPING, CUSTOMER SERVICE, ACCOUNTANTS and BOOKKEEPERS, TELEPHONE ANSWERING OPERATORS, ARTISTS, RECEPTIONISTS, LIGHT ASSEMBLY WORK AND PACKAGING, INTERVIEWERS, WEB DEVELOPMENT etc.

The surprising thing is in 1999 very few people even knew these jobs existed. Sadly, most folks are passing up opportunities of a lifetime because they equate home-based work with flimsy assembly work or some letter stuffing scheme. Many of the more established companies we post positions offer MEDICAL/DENTAL INSURANCE and paid VACATION and SICK LEAVE.

For MORE information on how to contact these companies, or goto our site below:

AOL Users <a href="http://www.info2000site.com/gen/home.html"> CLICK_HERE</a>



Please note, because of the popularity of our site, please try again later if at first you are not able to connect the first time.

Linda Gooding

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