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Errol E.S.Kwan at massey.ac.nz
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I think beef stock and geletin would be a useful one and the potatoe
agar (I think this is the origin of PDA plates - Potatoe dextrose agar
- which are used for fungal growth).

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>If the school doesn't have any media a slice of potato cooked
>in an pressure cooker for 15 minutes would grow something.
>You could do the same with cheese and grow some molds.
>Beef stock and gelatin will also grow some stuff. Even coffee
>grounds will grow some molds as will coffee.
>That makes me think that a little gelatin, potato and sugar in
>a coffee machine should make a pretty good media that is
>easy and safe to make. It would still need a trip through
>the pressure cooker to kill the spores but some work could
>be done by repeated boiling and incubation to kill the spore
>There are a lot of ways to grow microbes other than the
>conventional ways. Some kind of bug will grow where
>ever there are enough groceries and suitable conditions.
>If the objective is to learn something about bacteria
>professional media is not necessary. It may even be
>a better exercise to make the media from household
>items to show that bacteria can grow on what we eat.
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>> It is a project he/she is doing for extra credit, not one the school
>> wants done for itself. This student chose their own topic and I'm not
>> sure what sort of resources this high school has, I'm not sure about
>> America but here in New Zealand we never had those sorts of compounds
>> for making up media.
>> On Tue, 28 Mar 2000 19:52:05 +0200, lamb
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>> >Errol wrote:
>> >
>> >> I should have used the word 'enrichment' instead of selective. But
>> >> for Riffi's experiment a general media like nutrient agar should be
>> >> used as this student sounds like the environment is to be sampled,
>> >> remember this is a high school student and looking at the microbes in
>> >> the environement would be a better starting point for learning than
>> >> getting straight into the pathogenic microbes.
>> >>
>> >> So I think that the media to be used should be nutrient agar. The
>> >> question is does this student have access to all of the components?
>> >
>> >As he/she said, it was to be a school's project. So the school would be
>> >the material.
>> >
>> >Loes
>> >
>> >

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