Cycloheximde/what to do now?

R.Randolph microbiology at
Tue May 23 06:50:52 EST 2000

Randolph Biomedical has a possible substitute called Saproxin.  For
some uses Saproxin can be substituted......not all.  There is a
description at OUR webpage :

This post is not a solicitation. If you do not want to see products
,do not go to the webpage.  R.Randolph

On 24 Mar 2000 20:23:03 GMT, McMoodus at (Sheepskin Hollow)

>We have used cycloheximde extensively in a differential/selective agar
>for Campylobacter- Campy-Cephex Agar.
>We now are finding that the price of the stuff has skyrocketed and I have been 
>told it is no longer manufactured.
>Anyone out there know more about this problem or have ideas on what
>we might use for a subsititute.
>Any suggestions for a substitute medium?

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