Jeff McCann j.mccann at
Wed Nov 1 11:41:53 EST 2000

Sure! First, locate someone with an active anthrax infection, then lock
yourself in a small closet with that person for 24 hours, then BOOM, you,
too can get and grow anthrax!

Sorry, couldn't help myself.  But seriously, I can't imagine any lawful or
even reasonable basis for a private individual to want to culture anthrax.
Duh! this stuff isn't for playing around with outside a properly equipped
lab staffed by trained personnel.  At best, it is risky and foolish,  At
worst, it is criminal and a wholesale threat to public safety.

So, why do you ask?

Well, this one got through my troll-filter somehow<g>

<exo1a at> wrote in message news:8tpero$2a1$1 at
> I was wondering if anyone could tell me how to get and grow anthrax (the
> bacterium, not the metal rock band).
> Thanks
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> Before you buy.

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