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> > Actually anthrax is not communicable, but that was a good try.
>     Actually,  I am rather well trained in the emergency response to
> biological and chemical terrorism, which is something I do as a member of a
> US Public Health Service disaster response team.  So I do have little bit of
> knowledge, although I am certainly not any kind of expert.  Nonetheless,
> according to my rather faulty memory, the disease is, in fact, communicable.
> Anthrax is caused by Bacillus Anthracis, a bacterium that lives naturally in
> certain types of soil. The bacterium produces spores. Spores are hardy forms
> of the bacterium that can survive in soil or on contaminated objects for
> years.  Animals get anthrax by grazing on soils contaminated with anthrax
> spores. People can get anthrax by contact with infected animals or people.
> The bacteria get into the body through a break in the skin. In rare cases,
> people can get anthrax by breathing in anthrax spores from contaminated soil
> or animal products or by eating undercooked meat from infected animals.
> Please let me know if I got this wrong.  But since you seem to have some
> knowledge of the disease, why the heck do you want to know more about, and
> impliedly want to culture anthrax?

Everything you have said is true.  But, if a person is infected with
anthrax, they cannot spread it to other people.  It is not contageous.

>     Would you care to enlighten us and dispel our cynical assumptions as to
> your sanity, maturity, and lawfulness?

Ummm, no, not at this time...

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