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I work with fastidious bacteria (Riemerella anatipestifer) and we
lyophilize our cultures in a serum glucose freeze media.   We do a small
amount of ampules (30-40) on a virtis manifold lyophilizer.   Cultures
freeze dried when I began work here in 1982 are still viable.

The lypholization media is prepared from 1 part 30% dextrose + 2 parts
fetal calf serum.
Mix and pass thru 0.2 ul filter & aliquot as necessary.

We grow a 24 hour culture in an appropriate liquid media.   0.1 ml of
the 24 hour liquid culture is plated to give a lawn on the appropriate
agar.  The lypholization meda is used to harvest growth from the
incubated plates (3 ml/100x15 mm plate).   We lyophilize 0.2 aliquots of
the harvested culture in 2 ml. ampules.  Ampules are sealed by flame,
under vacuum and stored at -20C

Hope this helps.

Diane Stemnock
Production Manager
International Duck Research Cooperative, Inc.

LynnB wrote:

> I am about to commence freeze drying cultures of Bifidobacterium, and
> as I have never attempted to do this before, I am unsure as to what to
> do.  Any advice, eg the addition of skim milk powder etc, will be
> gratefully received.
> Thanks,
> (Dr)  Lynn Brown

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