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Mon Nov 6 12:46:35 EST 2000

As has been stated, this info is readily available and if you want it, do some
work on your own. It is also very likely to be mentioned in many various
microbiology textbooks.;

You also seem to have set of many people, and of course your trolling and
crossposting to a survivalism newsgroup does raise a lot of concern, as there
are not many peaceful applications of Anthrax.

As has been asked before, exactly why do you want or need this info, and/or what
type of nut case are you, please be specific.

Richard Oeffner

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> > > I was wondering if anyone could tell me how to get and grow anthrax (the
> > > bacterium, not the metal rock band).
> > >
> > > Thanks
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> > > Before you buy.
> >
> > Sure.  Pick up a copy of the Merck Manual, spend a few hours
> > cross-referencing, and you can put together a 3k word instruction sheet
> > on how to do it.  Pretty basic medical knowledge, not restricted in any
> > way.  The MM will also tell you how to tell if you've been infected, as
> > well as how treat it if you are.  You may need to travel to a third
> > world country to obtain a sample, as it is exceedingly rare in countries
> > with public health regulations.
> Hmmm, okay.  But do you know of anyone who has already done this and can
> share that info?
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> Before you buy.

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