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> As has been stated, this info is readily available and if you want it, do some
> work on your own. It is also very likely to be mentioned in many various
> microbiology textbooks.;
> You also seem to have set of many people, and of course your trolling and
> crossposting to a survivalism newsgroup does raise a lot of concern, as there
> are not many peaceful applications of Anthrax.
> As has been asked before, exactly why do you want or need this info, and/or what
> type of nut case are you, please be specific.

My original post was not meant as a trolling effort.  Merely as a
question of curiosity, both to know how it is done, and to see if anyone
around here knew.  I was hoping for some pointers to web sites or
whatever, to save time.  But, I can find and go look things up in books
if necessary.

Thanks for the pointers from those who gave them.

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