methane oxidising pseudomonas

ChrisRoesch chrisroesch at
Wed Nov 8 04:31:01 EST 2000

that's great!

we are working on the distribution of genes involved in nitrogen metabolism,
including amoA. Ammonia monooxygenase is distributed only in two distinct
groups within the beta proteo bacteria and in one case in the gamma proteo
bacteria (Nitrosococcus). So far -- as I know -- no amoA in another
phylogenetic group could be identified.
The methane oxidizers on the other hand all seem to root in the alpha or
gamma subdivisions.

As the known pmoA sequences are more similar to the Nitrosococcus group of
amoA than to the Nitrosomonas-Nitrosospira group, and Pseudomonas belongs to
the gamma proteobacteria, it would be most interesting to see the relation
between the new pMMO and the known sequences (I suspect you did not sequence
your pmoA as now, but I would expect highest homology to Methylococcaceae
including Methylomonas which are also from gamma subdivision).

If it's really Pseudomonas oxidising methane it would be a novel capability,
I think.
On the other hand it wouldn't be too surprising as almost all metabolic
capabilities of bacteria could be found within the highly diverse
Pseudomonads. (Last year sequences of nifH of Pseudomonas stutzeri were
released and given that Methylococcus also can fix nitrogen, why shouldn't
Pseudomonads oxidise methane?)

good luck with your further work!

Andrew O'Neill schrieb in Nachricht <8u5i8p$1a4$1 at>...
>A coworker has just isolated an organism, which contains pMMO, and when we
>sequenced the 16S rDNA, it seemed to be closely related to pseudomonas.  If
>anybody out there knows of this metabolic capability within pseudomonas, or
>could refer me to a reference, we would be most grateful.
>kind regards

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