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Wed Nov 8 15:09:58 EST 2000

Actually, it is not that straight-forward. Cyanobacteria can be
heterotrophic; they grow quite well on glucose in the dark.  Also,
diazotrophic Nostoc symbionts are found within the roots of some
tropical plants (e.g., Gunneria), well away from light, running on
plant-supplied metabolites.

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ChrisRoesch wrote:

> the answer is b
> some kind of quiz??
> what did i win??
> Dennis Severt schrieb in Nachricht ...
> >Is the cyanobacteria
> >a.    eubacterial hetrotrophs
> >b.    photosynthetic autotrophs
> >c.    salt-loving archaebacteria
> >d.    chemosynthetetic autotrophs
> >
> >please answer quickly and accruatly
> >
> >Thanks! §
> >
> >

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