Looking for bacteria images

N. Parmar parmar at galena.geology.utoronto.ca
Tue Nov 14 09:36:58 EST 2000

try using Molecularprobes.com web site. they have a nice gallery of
bacterial images
At 11:40 AM 11/14/00 +0100, cruel_zombie wrote:
>I am desperately looking for bacteria images that can be found on Web
>pages. I did some seach using standard search sevices but results are
>rather poor. Usually very small photos and very random selection. I
>need a catalogue with search engine or pages containing really many
>Please don't hesitate to send send me even tens of url's if they might
>be useful.
>Great thanks in advance.
>"Pets are always a great help in times of stress. And in times of
starvation too."--Terry Pratchett, Small Gods-- 
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