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Thu Nov 16 09:44:58 EST 2000

Scott Coutts wrote:
> Well, it removes the transients, anyhow. You can actually increase
> bacterial numbers on the hands by washing with 'ordinary' soap and water
> (as opposed to disinfectant soaps). They're only skin flora, though. We
> demonstrate this as a practical to undergraduates as part of our
> microbiology course. Not many of them expect it!
> Scott J. Coutts
> Department of Microbiology
> Monash University, Australia

Yes, thats what we do in a beginners course for microbiologists  - and
every time on all plates are more counts AFTER soap washing! Mostly not
one student expected that.
It is a good tip to distinguish between transient and intrinsic skin
dwellers. Makes sense and sheds light on the nonsense some phobics try
to throw on people.
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