Help ! the media for Q.A of dialysis water or distilled water.

lamb L.A.M.Buisman at
Thu Nov 16 15:02:28 EST 2000

Definitely water on R2A, bicarb solutions on TSA, up to one week, at 37C (at
lower temps we find much lower counts).
Guidelines say <100 cfu/ml.  is safe.
So we plate 0.1 ml.
We als plate a CLED agar to detect enterobacteria or pathogenic pseudomonas.
Never found them though.


lamb wrote:

> Simon Lee wrote:
> > Is ther anyone who know the media or broth for bacterial contamination Q.A
> > of dialysis water or distilled water.
> > Simon Lee
> According to the guidelines of the Dutch Dialysis Quality Group:
> Dialysis liquid on TSA, RO- or distilled water on R2A (incubation up to one
> week).
> Or the other way round. I will check it up tomorrow.
> The acceptable bacterial load according to those guidelines is such, that
> using agarplates is good enough. Your method (sensitivity) depends on the
> guidelines of the dialysis centre you work for.
> Loes

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