Cycloheximide (Actidione) distribution problems

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Mon Nov 20 07:36:42 EST 2000

The best substitutes for cycloheximide are Natamycin and amphotericin B.
Both have broad spectrum antifungal activity which differs from that of
cycloheximide. Both have been used successfully in a variety of culture
media to suppress fungal contamination.

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"Roberto Rosati" <r.rosati at> wrote in message
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> Hallo all,
> I'm trying to purchase cycloheximide (I'm in Italy, so possibly from
> Europe), but all companies I asked for just told me that there are
> "worldwide distribution problems" for this compound...
> If you have recently (from september) purchased this product, would you
> please e-mail me where did you bought it? (remove .NOSPAM from my address
> to e-mail me.) Thank you in advance!
> Another related question: do you know what are the best substitutes for
> this molecule, in particular stable enough to be used in long-term (e.g.
> 1 month or more) growths of bacteria?
> Thanks a lot for your attention!
> -Roberto
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