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> I think you may find good sources for anthrax in Kruger National Park
> in Afrika. The highest genetic diversity is found there suggesting it
> to be the place of origin.

I have heard that it can be found in the soil in many places, including
the U.S., but do not know how one would cultivate it from a soil sample
(I doubt you can just dump a scoop of dirt into your nutrient medium and
wait for it to grow since there will be lots of other stuff in there that
will grow as well).  Or for that matter, what medium you would use.

> Otherwise you might want to search the literature. It won't live
> between the pages, but it is amazing what people publish.
> g
> Optimized production and purification of Bacillus anthracis lethal
> factor

[abstract snipped]

Thanks, but the LF is only a factor in Anthrax pathogenesis.  I was
hoping to find someone who had a recipe for growing the live bacterium,
not just producing half the toxin.

Thanks for the info though.

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