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> > I think you may find good sources for anthrax in Kruger National Park
> > in Afrika. The highest genetic diversity is found there suggesting it
> > to be the place of origin.
> I have heard that it can be found in the soil in many places, including
> the U.S., but do not know how one would cultivate it from a soil sample
> (I doubt you can just dump a scoop of dirt into your nutrient medium and
> wait for it to grow since there will be lots of other stuff in there that
> will grow as well).  Or for that matter, what medium you would use.

The growth medium has been published, but if you lack sufficient
skills to find this is the primary literature, you probably lack the skills
to grow it anyway.

To obtain the spore you can request it from the ATCC.  They will
automatically forward your request to the FBI so you should be ready
to deal with the ensuing red tape.

Yes the spores are found in US soils.  The man arrested in Nevada
for growing anthrax bacillus found his that way; apparently through
an old newspaper story he located a burial site for an infected herd of

Mike Syvanen

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