Bernie Quinn bqglcd at
Tue Nov 21 21:10:41 EST 2000

Is anybody familiar with the genus Pantoea?
How many species are there?

My question is - does Pantoea genus produce gas in
lauryl tryptose broth?  Is there any decisive
information anywhere that would confirm that the genus
is coliform, or is there only information on Pantoea

Please help, we have an organism that has been
identified as two different genera, one of which is
pantoea.  The problem is we got gas produced in lauryl
tryptose broth, gas in brilliant green and green
metallic sheen on m-endo, but the identifying lab
didn't get gas in lauryl tryptose from the slant which
we isolated and only identified the bug as pantoea (no
species) which they claim is not a coliform.

Any ideas, anyone??


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