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Pantoea agglomerans (formally known as Enterobacter agglomerans) is (IMHO) a
difficult organism to pin down. I always thought that the name "agglomerans"
meant that is was an agglomeration of a bunch of related species that
couldn't be defined. Many of the reaction charts list +/- reactions for many
substrates. I've found that the API 20E strips did a very good job at
distinguishing all the Enterobacters, and was often frustrated with the
Vitek GNI card. I think the GNI+ card is a little better, but would still
trust the API. I think the MicroScan does OK with the Enterobacters, but
still not as good as API. (I'm not trying to sell API - honest!)

I also remember a long forgotten test for Enterobacters - the KCN test
(that's potassium cyanide) - of course that was back in the days of mouth
pipetting and I'm still here!

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> From: bqglcd at (Bernie Quinn)
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> Date: 22 Nov 2000 02:10:41 -0000
> Subject: Pantoea
> Is anybody familiar with the genus Pantoea?
> How many species are there?
> My question is - does Pantoea genus produce gas in
> lauryl tryptose broth?  Is there any decisive
> information anywhere that would confirm that the genus
> is coliform, or is there only information on Pantoea
> agglomerans?
> Please help, we have an organism that has been
> identified as two different genera, one of which is
> pantoea.  The problem is we got gas produced in lauryl
> tryptose broth, gas in brilliant green and green
> metallic sheen on m-endo, but the identifying lab
> didn't get gas in lauryl tryptose from the slant which
> we isolated and only identified the bug as pantoea (no
> species) which they claim is not a coliform.
> Any ideas, anyone??
> Thanks 
> Bernie
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