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Thu Nov 23 23:54:43 EST 2000

Here is yet another reason to worry about possible
deliberation in the contamination of polio/smallpox/hepatitis
vaccines used in Africa and given to American gay males:


According to a new book, "Darkness in El Dorado",
by investigative journalist Patrick Tierney, thousands of
South American Indians were infected with measles, so that
U.S. scientists could study natural selection.

The book accuses geneticist James V. Neel of using virulent
measles vaccine on the Yanomami tribe of Venezula in the
mid-1960s, sparking an epidemic that killed at least hundreds,
and probably thousands.

Professor Terence S. Turner of Cornell University, who has
read the proofs, said:

   "In its scale, ramifications, and sheer criminality and corruption
    it is unparalleled in the history of anthropology."

For more detail, see:,3604,

Neel was associated with the Atomic Energy Commission since the
days of Manhattan Project.  He was well-known for research on
the effects of radiation on human subjects, which was another
source of major scandal, involving thousands of unwitting human
guinea pigs.

Dr. Neel apparently had sympathy for eugenics (race improvement).
Neel's autobiography is titled "Physician to the Gene Pool:
Genetic Lessons and Other Stories" (New York, John Wiley, 1994,
ISBN 0-471-30844-7).  A review by Gabriel W. Lasker, Ph.D.,
includes the following excerpts:

   "Neel fears that humankind is squandering the genetic legacy
    -- its diverse gene pool.

    The theme of the latter part of the book is the tragedy building
    up as populations skyrocket and resources dwindle. Neel proposes an
    immediate program for the limitation of population growth.

    Neel also suggests a greater effort at optimizing the expression
    of the genotypes of the "common man," since he believes that human
    genotypes will need to function at top efficiency in the difficult
    times ahead.

    On the basis of a lifetime of studies, Neel sees the size
    of the human population and the changing structure of its gene
    pool as even more urgent issues than research about molecular

The late Dr. Neel's work also involved study of HTLV I and II
in South American Indians [1].  These are human retroviruses,
related to HIV, discovered by Dr. Robert Gallo.

Among others, Dr. Neel had researched HTLV with a Gallo protege,
Beatrice Hahn, the researcher who also produced the theory of HIV
originating from a chimp virus.

Neel won a Lasker Award for studies of sickle cell anemia, a disease
which is highly race-specific, affecting blacks in most cases.

Considering Neel's alleged indifference to non-white life, and
his sympathy of genetic race-improvement, his conducting of
research on a race-specific disease might therefore also acquire
some unsettling connotations.

Once again, comes a fresh allegation about contaminated
vaccines that sparked an epidemic, involving a researcher who had
sympathies for population control and genetic race improvement.

Each revelation of this sort reinforces a common theme.
The charges against Dr. Neel accentuate the need also to
re-investigate the role of polio/smallpox vaccines in sparking
the African AIDS epidemic, and the role of experimental
hepatitis vaccines, sparking the U.S. outbreak of AIDS among
gay men.

Tom Keske
Boston, Mass.




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