Help for Chocolate agar plate

Simon Lee pedlcymd at
Mon Nov 27 04:20:55 EST 2000

I want to solve the problem about the chocolate agar palte.
The our method of preparation is belows.
1. 2L ditilled water + 144 gm GC agar powder 
2. dissolve fully with heating till boiling
3. autoclave 
4. cooling till 45 C degree
5. add 5% defibrinated sheep blood
6. heating to 65 C degree
7. cooling till 45 C degree
8. add IsoVitale X 1 vial
9. pouring into plate.

The problem is two
One ; there are many sand like particle on the surface and inner side of agar plate. - I have heard that the problem is stirring during phase 5,6 ? Is it right ?
Two ; the color of chocolate agar palte is too dark

Please help me ASAP.
Simon Lee

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