Announce: changes at ArchaeaWeb

Neil Saunders neil.saunders at
Mon Nov 27 06:19:58 EST 2000

Dear all,

I know a substantial number of visitors to ArchaeaWeb
( came to the site after I
first announced it here, so I'd like to alert you to a few changes.
First, the look of the site has been redesigned.  However, all the URLs are
the same and your bookmarks will still work.  At present the site,
particularly the front page, has a rather simple appearance, but we aim to
make it a little more attractive soon.
Second, the site has a new navigational menu, which works only in Netscape
or MSIE 4 or higher.  The logs show that pretty much 100% of people are
using these anyway.  If you feel you are being excluded by this, let us know
and we'll see what we can implement.
Third, the company hosting the site has introduced a popup ad banner.  We
hope this is a temporary measure and that it isn't too annoying.

If you haven't been to ArchaeaWeb yet, it's an information resource for
Archaea and extremophile research on the WWW.  It differs from other sites
in that it is very actively updated and contains links to only higher
quality sites.  Current sections include (1) the latest archaea and
extremophile publications and gene sequences, updated weekly from PubMed and
GenBank, (2) a PDB search facility, (3) links to archaea and extremophile
research groups, (4) links to all current archaeal genome sequencing
projects, (5) some selected articles on archaea and extremophiles from
around the WWW, including pages on exobiology and Lake Vostok.

comments and suggestions are always welcome, and thanks for the support,

Neil Saunders

School of Microbiology & Immunology,
University of New South Wales,
Sydney 2052,
NSW, Australia

Ph: +61 2 9385 2093
Fx: +61 2 9385 1591

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